Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We have all been there. Taking on a cause to better ourselves through exercise and healthy eating when those around us, those we thought are our friends try to derail us.
I call these people ENERGY VAMPIRES. They suck the life right out us. These vampires could be co-workers who bring by sweets to our desk, our friends who encourages us that “its just one drink’ or unfortunately maybe a spouse or significant other that is jealous or insecure what our new fitness levels may bring. It could also be that negative friend who is never happy with anything and may complain so much that it has become a habit—without anything legitimate to actually complain about. These people sometimes make others feel guilty for their progress or success in anything.
It most often appears in a fitness setting. This is where the excuse most often heard from those unfit pops up…..”I don’t have time.”
Well, no one really has time, we make it for the things we enjoy or feel the need to do. People make time to watch American Idol, make time to go to happy hour, make time to watch 7 hours of football on Sundays, and make time for tons of unhealthy and unproductive “things’ other than exercise. Its ironic that to excel in other areas of life we to need to focus/practice and persevere. However when it comes to fitness, somehow it becomes a negative connotation and those who don’t push themselves describe those who make progress in the gym as obsessed. It’s just another example of those ENERGY VAMPIRES trying to make them-selves feel better about their lack of dedication or focus.
Some of these people you can completely avoid, for those that you cannot avoid, keep things in perspective and try to understand why they are attempting to bring you down. Unfortunately our physical, mental and emotional energy is not unlimited. Guard it!
Once you are able to see the reasons behind the Vampires’ actions, you will find a new sense of focus and determination.If YOU are the Vampire, realize why you are unhappy and that you have the ability to change and affect others in a more positive light.

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