Friday, February 26, 2010


Are your New Years' goals further away than you anticipated? Are you lacking motivation, desire or the knowledge to improve the quality of your life.

Do you feel unsure of: how to use the equipment, design your training program, what heart rate you should exercise at, how to work around your bum knee, whether or not you are "allowed" to eat past 5pm, or have any other uncertainties?

If so, please let myself or Steve know. Email us, text us, ask us. Stop feeling frustrated.

Dont let a little snow this weekend slow you down.
Here is a low carb chili recipe to keep you warm
1 cup fresh onion, chopped2 cloves garlic, minced3 tbsp olive oil2 lb of lean beef, chopped small (Not ground beef!!)2 cups tomatoes, undrained (fresh is best, but one 14 oz can diced tomatoes works too)2 cups of beef broth (one 14 oz can)2 tsp salt2 tsp black pepper2 bay leaves1 tsp oregano1/4 tsp crushed whole cumin2 1/2 tbsp chili powderFor the lean beef, I use my grocery stores "lean stew meat" be sure you buy the lean variety however as it make a huge difference in taste. I also chop this meat or whatever meat you buy) into about 1/2 inch squares.. the stew meat I buy is much bigger chunked and too big. It takes some time to chop it up, but it is worth the effort!In a pan, cook the garlic, chopped onions, olive oil, and beef together over medium heat for about 10 to 15 minutes or until all the red in the beef has turned gray or brown (no red showing as you stir it)Next turn down the heat to low, and add tomatoes, beef stock and stir in all the seasonings. Cover with lid, and simmer for about 1 1/2 hours or until the beef is very tender. (Also be sure you don't drain the beef or chili at any time - the juices are sooo yummy and make it so flavorful!) Remove the two bay leaves. Serve and Enjoy!Makes 9 servings at only 5 carbs per serving. * Note that using tomatoes in canned vinegars or oils could raise the carb count significantly. Use only plain diced tomatoes if in a can. Also, more tomatoes used in the recipe would cause more carbs per serving. You could reduce the tomatoes to no tomatoes at all, add another can of beef broth instead and further reduce the carb count per serving to about 3 carbs per serving.

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