Sunday, December 18, 2011

The View From the Other Side of the Fence

The first time I met with a trainer I was mortified I was measured, and forced to step on the dreaded scale I did not know the difference between 10 pounds of fat and 10 pounds of muscle (umm they are the same) I could barely hold the plank for 10 seconds. I had a body fat percentage of 53.1 % and was obese and embarrassed.

The second time I met with a trainer I puked for forty-five minutes after my session, that night I got a text "How are you doing ?"

The third time I met with a trainer, he handed me back my check !!

19 Months later and countless sessions, I continue with my trainers, I read the blogs and newsletters and each one seems it could be written about me and I wonder if people understand why I have a personal trainer(s)

People always have questions when they see me... How and why? My responses have been become simple....I work hard to become the person I have never been but always wanted to be, I do this by following a simple gym rule of "Pick shit up and Get shit done" with the help of my trainer(s). But... they say " will you have to DIET and workout the rest of your life, I have learned to respond with " I will continue to live this lifestyle the rest of my life, Yes ".

So as the journey continues I drink my water, log my carbs, fat and protein, I will continue to sweat, swear and surely stink 4-6 times a week, my future is
sure to hold more puking, grunting, crying, bleeding, bruising and ass to the grass squats all at the direction of my trainer(s).

Yet what I would want people to take away from this is that the PRICELESS gift of this journey has been Steve Decker and Chris Tybor giving me live my life back and doing it the right way, those two have answered countless questions, hundreds of emails, an uncountable number of texts have been exchanged. They are the ones accountable for the blood, sweat and tears I have left on the gym floor... I have pushed them, pulled them, they have pushed my to weighted plank holds and PR on leg presses, we have trained together on some of the worst days of my life and always just like the second session a simple text "How are you doing....Sore?" Or maybe it's been a day (or two) since they seen me at the gym a text "GET YOUR ASS TO GYM" or maybe it just because they are more then my trainers Steve and Chris and everyone at Chrisfit has become a part of my "family".

SO my question to others is why don't you have a personal trainer ??


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