Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lifting Lessons with Jack

It's been 7 years almost to the day since I first started lifting. In reflecting on this I've realized just how crucial this process has been on helping me become the man that I am. In the time I've been lifting I have accomplished things I never thought I could do and I owe it all to the help and support I've received from mentors, friends, family and clients. Though out this time I have learned some valuable lessons about training. So in-light of the fact that its been seven years since I started here are the seven most valuable lessons I have learned.

7) What works for me isn't going to be the same as what works for you. Our bodies aren't the same and various angle's of different lifts affect different areas of my body then yours. There's no cookie cutter program that works for everyone.

6) Genetics aren't as important as work ethic. Some people are more naturally inclined to be stronger or leaner or faster or more flexible than others. But the thing is you can train and push yourself to be whatever you want to be.

5) Always push yourself, because progress is progress. No matter how slow or fast you get to your ultimate goal, every step towards that goal is a step in the right direction.

4) Form is more critical than weight. Doing a lift correctly is more important than lifting heavy because with proper form progression is faster.

3) It's better to stay at a weight than can be handled than increase for the sake of more weight. Check your ego at the door and handle your weight with proper form.

2) Don't reinvent the wheel. The basics work because they're tried and true. Trying to make something more complicated than it needs to be generally leads to injury. Be smart and be safe.

1) Train harder and smarter. Intensity is always necessary to make progress but training smarter is more important because training past a physical threshold can lead to injury.

There you have it. 7 lessons that assist in my training and hopefully will help you.

Jack Lazarus

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