Friday, October 4, 2013

Well rounded fitness!

Every now and then I'll buy a magazine like Muscle and Fitness or Men's Fitness to take a look at some of the articles and get new idea's from them for things I can do to my clients and myself. Most of the time the magazine's are full of garbage. Same old bro-science moronic crap, spouting the same advice time and time again. But every once in awhile there is a diamond to be found. I read an article about the training done by some of the top competitors at the Crossfit games. Now for everyone reading this who doesn't know, crossfit is a training method that runs more so on an overall fitness method rather than a one specific goal, and utilizes things such as time trials or distances or set rep ranges to complete the task at hand rather than being focused on specifically getting leaner or faster or stronger, and using a "workout of the day" as their regimen.
However what I didn't know, and I'm assuming most of you didn't either, is that these top competitors are simply doing workouts of the day once a day and suddenly showing up at the crossfit games lean and huge throwing around crazy amounts of weight. No, they train hard and heavy and then throw in crossfit workouts of the day in on top and then do more on top of that. That's an incredible work ethic to say the least, but what can someone who doesn't have the time in the day to train like that take away from these exceptional examples. What we can take away is that the gains are doable so long as you put in the effort. There are five key aspects to fitness:1) muscular strength 2) muscular endurance 3) muscular flexibility 4) cardiovascular capacity and 5) body composition. Now no one expects you to be great at every single one equally, but by striving to improve in every aspect of fitness you'll not only look better but you'll be healthier too.

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