Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beat the Thanksgiving Bulge!

Thanksgiving is here again. The day when you sit around eat a lot and watch football all day. Did you know that the average American intake on thanksgiving is 4500 calories? Pop quiz - how many calories are needed to create 1 pound of body weight? It's 3500. That means the average American is intake 1,000 calories more than is needed to make 1 pound. Add that factor into what your own personal metabolic rate might be and there may be a recipe for disaster. If your resting metabolic rate, just to make the math simple, is 1500 calories, the number of calories you need to keep your weight at even, that means that you would have tripled your daily necessity of calories. If you did what the average American does on thanksgiving, and didn't at least attempt to burn some of those calories off that, and you've been on a fitness regime trying to loose weight, then that just made you take a giant step back, from that one day alone. 
So what can you do this year to avoid all that excess? Quite a bit actually!
1) Most gyms are open thanksgiving morning. We here at chrisfit are open until noon so no excuse to come in and get your workout done.
2) Rather than just sit around and eat, be more active. Play football with your kids, be up and interactive with guests, just don't sit around and be lazy just because that's what's typical.
3) Practice portion control and make good choices with condiments. Just because grandma makes great gravy and apple pie doesn't mean you need to have all of it yourself. 
4) Practice push aways. As in push yourself away from the table or your plate away from you.

I've put this fact down before but here it is again. It takes 7.5 hours of burpees at 10 burpees a minute to create enough of a metabolic burn to take thanksgiving day off. For those of you who may not be mathletes that's 4,500 burpees. Be smart for thanksgiving and enjoy your holiday.

Stay lean my friends.
Jack Lazarus

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