Thursday, November 12, 2015

Get it Fixed!!

At some point along the way, whether minute or major, everyone has physical setbacks that impede their fitness progress. It could be simple overuse or tendinitis, it could be a sports injury like a broken limb or torn muscle, or it could even be illness. Any of these will hinder your attempts at bettering your physical self. 
If you've come to us or are reading this blog, chances are that you see some sort of value in improving your body in some meaningful way. Essentially your goal is to improve performance, whether you know it or not. Getting stronger and in better cardiovascular shape will get you in the direction you want to be. Stronger legs mean using bigger weights to build more muscle, which means a faster metabolism which means a leaner body. (See, you didn't even realize you wanted to squat more!)
Injuries and illness make all of those processes more difficult and time consuming.

My point?

Get injuries and setbacks healed ASAP. That may be as simple as rest and ice, or it may mean seeking assistance from a qualified professional, whether that be a chiropractor, a massage therapist, a physical therapist, or a medical doctor or surgeon. Regardless, ignoring a problem or trying to train through it will not heal anything, it will only prolong or even worsen the condition. Trust me, my stubborn self tried playing that game for years. Frankly I was just being lazy and/or lying to myself. "It'll heal on its own" or "I don't have time for a doctor" or "I can't afford treatment anyway" were common thought processes or excuses. But you know what? I can't afford NOT to take care of injuries anymore. There's only so much Motrin you can take. So, I started doing some more "smart stuff" as my training partners and I call it. I back off of things that hurt, I get regular chiropractic and massage work done to take care of imbalances or muscle strains as soon as they arise, and even use at-home methods like Epsom soaking and icing. And lo and behold, my strength has never been better, and I'm not in constant pain these days!
If you're serious enough about physical fitness that you have at least thought about hiring a professional trainer to guide you through your workouts, why hesitate to work with a professional to keep your body functioning in top form? Why ignore pain that could be holding you back from improving?

If it hurts, GET IT FIXED!

Steve Decker

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