Wednesday, March 11, 2009

$10 Sessions!

On Fridays from 6am to 1100am or so, Steve is offering small group training sessions for 30 minutes. We are capping the group at 4 people and the cost is ONLY $10!!!!(per person)
I am trying to coordinate every ones abilities/availability etc.... So far we have filled the 6am slot and have 10 or so people interested. We are planning on starting this within 2-3 weeks.
Please email your availability so we can get you assigned to your group. Please give me a range for your time slots (example: from 730 to 900am). The greater your availability, the better your chance of getting in a group.

For private sessions, for every 10 you purchase, you will receive 2 FREE, this ends March 14Th.

Have a good week. Any questions please ask!


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