Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

When it comes to actual training more than 80% of it is mental. When we walk into the gym we need to emotionally and mentally be ready to put ourselves under the physical demand of training. Sometimes we just aren't into it, whether we're drained from the day, something happened that we don't want to talk about, whatever the case may be. It's understandable that we all have rocky days but if you let everything in life get to you how can you expect to get into the shape you're looking for. The simple answer is you can't. So for on those days where you just can't get into the mood by the time you walk into the gym here is what I suggest: show up 15 minutes early, and begin buy doing 5 minutes of mental work. I personally like the mental image of my mind be water filled with ripples and the ripples calming so I can focus on the task at hand. The next 5 minutes after that do cardio to get warm and loosened up a bit, and finish off with 5 minutes of dynamic stretching to truly gain all the flexibility out of your muscles that you can get. After all that, suck it up , lift heavy weights and get your muscles stronger! Then go do 20 minutes of cardio as a "cool down," which actually causes better breakdown of body fat, and make your muscles re-elongate and stronger by doing static stretches! Therefore:
Step 1: clear your mind.
Step 2: warm up joints and muscles.
Step 3: move around and get your muscles flexible and ready to handle the load about to be put on them.
Step 4: pick up heavy stuff a lot.
Step 5: do cardio to burn more fat.
Step 6: stretch to help repair muscles.
Step 7: rest, eat, repeat!
3...2...1... GO!!!!

-Jack Lazarus

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