Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Nothing worth doing is ever easy."

"Nothing worth doing is ever easy."

Whether it be finishing college, getting a great job, finding the perfect mate, or building your ideal physique, I think we all know that accomplishing something great takes a LOT of hard work and dedication. If that weren't the case, everyone would be filthy rich, happily married (or blissfully single...), and we'd all look like magazine cover models. The problem is, someone, somewhere invented excuses. Excuses are these nasty little things that people use to be let off the hook and justify not getting things done. Some are legitimate, and some are pure nonsense, but none of them lead to goals being accomplished.

If you want something bad enough, there comes a point where excuses get shoved aside in favor of getting s**t done. You simply have to buckle down and dive head first into accomplishing goals. This is especially true when it comes to getting the fit, healthy, body that you want. The human body simply does not want to change easily, so we need to be smarter and tougher than our own biology. We need to force adaptation via continuous effort and dedication. Face facts: nobody ever got a six-pack by half-assing their workouts and eating cake. You have to put down the bear-claws and pick up a barbell. You have to break a sweat. (Which, incidentally, is a good thing! Sweat is not un-ladylike - wedging yourself into a pair of spanks so tightly that you feel like a piece of sausage, just because you didn't feel like watching your carb intake - now that is un-ladylike. Sweat also isn't gross. It's a sign of good work.) You have to eat those yucky vegetables and plain chicken instead of pounding down tater tots and root beer. No, its not easy. But nobody said it would be. It is, however, worth doing.

Why go through the motions, really? What purpose is served by wasting time and money screwing around? If you want someone to coddle you and tell you it's going to be OK while you have a bagel and some tootsie-rolls for breakfast after taking a casual sweat-free stroll on the treadmill in a "judgement-free zone" then go to Planet Fitness or call your grandmother. If you want to realize your potential and accomplish something worth doing, then show up and put in the hardest work you can each day, both in the gym and in the kitchen. Prove your doubters wrong. Prove to yourself that you CAN do what you want with your body. ChrisFit and it's staff and members are here to give you the tools, knowledge, and support you need to be the best you possible. Use that to your advantage. Get it done. Start NOW.

Lets all make the decision to stop making excuses and do what we all know needs to be done to get the bodies we want. Everyone's goals may be different, but hard work is the same the world over.

-Steve Decker, certified PITA

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