Friday, April 11, 2014

Vanity...for improvement?

What deadly sin is every gym-goer guilty of? It's a fairly easy question when you don't think to much about it. The answer is vanity. Sure we may feel physically better by losing that weight or getting stronger, and maybe you do have medical reasons to start working out, and to those of you that do don't take this the wrong way, I'm not discrediting you at all. But never once have I heard someone complain about looking better after starting a workout regimen. Being more fit and more active is an incredible thing and it's uplifting. But let's be completely honest, one of the biggest reasons most of us continue is because we love the way it makes us look, which makes us in turn feel better about ourselves.

But here is the ugly truth about it all...none of it happens over night.

Please let that sink in. I know you've heard it before but really pay attention. It doesn't happen over night. Yes sometimes it happens for some faster than to others, and different goals are sometimes easier to attain that others, but...none of it happens overnight. It takes discipline, dedication, and determination to climb that mountain and it's not going to be easy. But it is going to be worth it. A lot of our clients think that as trainers that lifting weights and being fit and in shape has come easy for us. We're no different from you. We have had to work our way up that mountain in our own ways. I can't speak for my co-trainers, but it wasn't easy for me. 
I was always an athlete, but as a child I struggled with my weight. A lot of you that know me now may have difficulty believing me but....

That was me at age 11 203 lbs. It was difficult for me growing up. I thought I was always going to be heavy and I wasn't happy with myself, not to mention I was pre-diabetic and had breathing problems.  When I got to high school  I grew a few inches and lost some weight getting into the high 180's...

That was me at 17 state champion rower varsity 4 for St. Joe's. Yeah I was more healthy more fit. None of my health issues were there anymore, but I wasn't satisfied. Fast forward to 21, my first bodybuilding show 170 lbs on stage 

Then 23 at my second show 180 on stage.

You have all the power to change your life. And I'm no more special than any of you. I had to struggle to get to this point. I know what you're going through and so does your trainer. We're here to help you attain your goals. Let yourself be a little vain; sure, go for it, but be willing to sacrifice and push and struggle. That's how we get results. If I can do it, so can you.

Jack Lazarus

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