Thursday, May 15, 2014

There's No 1 Track Fix-it Plan and No Such Thing as Toning

Forget all those Nutri-system and Jenny Craig commercials and the Atkins Diet. Forget Jazz-ercise, and Dance Strip Tease classes. Definitely forget glycemic index and the idea that carbs are bad for you and that fats are bad too. Forget the idea that women shouldn't lift heavy, only do high reps and never do the same exercises, as men. Finally forget the idea that there's such a thing as "toning."
That's right, I told you to basically take everything you've ever been tricked into thinking by commercials and celebrities. Instead I want you to go back to science class.
Here's the science behind it: your body breaks down food to be used for energy and repair tissue. No matter what macronutrient is ingested it is broken down into amino acid profiles and glucose to create ATP, what your body uses as energy and allows you to move, and create new tissue to allow you to grow and get stronger. What I'm saying to you is that there isn't such thing as good carbs or bad carbs or good fats or bad fats so long as you stay in your macros that are given to you by your trainer.
Also there's no such thing as toning. Toning is a term used particularly by women to say they want to look like they have muscle using this sentence "I just want to be toned, I don't want a lot of muscle." Here the truth, to get "tone" you need to build muscle. Having well developed muscles and a lower percentage of body fat will create the lean, aesthetic body that you're after. So in short, lift weights and eat properly. 

No more fads!
Jack Lazarus

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