Friday, May 6, 2016

We want more!

It is human nature to always want more. This being said often times we have more than one goal in mind. This does not sound like a bad problem to have, however I could be bad if the goals conflict, or one must be reached before the other can be worked on. Many of times we do not even understand that our goals conflict or that one is limiting to the other, especially when they are seemingly in the same realm of our life. 

My message to you is trust that after one goal is reached it is time to reach for the next. It is a process and we should not get caught up on the time it takes to reach such goals, if we are moving positively forward toward something each day! 

"Slow" progress is still progress and on the timeline of our life what is a year toward a goal vs a week? Why force goals in a manner that sets us up for failure shortly after.

For example, weight loss; if we aim to loose 50 pounds in a year this may seem slow. However about a pound a week. Then a friend looses 30-40 in 6 weeks but will gain it back in the following 6 weeks due to unrealistic adherence. They have to start the whole process over to loose he weight they gained back and then some. Repeating the entire process and all of the challenges all over again. 

Weight loss and strength gains play a major role for each other but can also conflict with each other. This is why this topic is so important to me. One needs to happen before the other and than be maintained. We should be after both at the same time, that will only leave one feeling Unsatisfied, as if we are constantly after something we won't ever reach or each time we get close it seems to slip out of reach again. 

Trust in the process. One small step is a step toward the goal and ultimately a healthy life. 

Lauren Ciurzynski 

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