Monday, June 6, 2016

Stay on Track; Even on Vacation!

First take a moment to decide what kind of vacationer you are. 

-The "I'm on vacation" vacationer; hell with the diet and workouts I'm on vacation and I'm going to enjoy. 

-The "Stress over my diet and workouts" vacationer; it's going to ruin my own and everyone else's vacation but I stayed on track! 

-The "calorie drinker" vacationer; ingesting all calories from alcohol, may not have "ate bad" but could be under, over or equal on calories all from margaritas.  

You may be one of these or a mixture of each but here are a few ways to ease these extremes into an enjoyable vacation with out loosing total sight of your goals or results! 

Simple hotel workouts:
Bring bands to get in some resistance training a quick 20 min while you're waiting for others to get out of the bathroom can burn some extra calories while still maintaining some muscle tone and strength. 

Take the stairs: 
Why wait for the elevator when you can burn a few extra calories by taking the stairs. There are many simple ways burn a few extra calories through out your stay that do not take any extra time at all! 

Start your day well, high protein breakfast will help keep you satisfied throughout the morning and saves you some extra calories for later in the day. 

Empty calorie drinks:
Many like to drink while on vacation (or always). It's no problem to enjoy a drink of two while away just be aware of the extra calories. Adjust your intake or watch the sugary additives to your beverage choice! 

Making some easy conscious decisions can save you a few hundred calories on vacation so that you can still enjoy without falling to far off track! 

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