Thursday, November 17, 2016

Seeking Inspiration

I often venture outside of my own career field for inspiration, I'm of the firm belief that every field has something you can learn and carry over into your own ventures. 

Cooking, Archery, accounting, Writing, etc. 

As I am already a book nerd and an archer, I decided research deeper into another hobby of mine, cooking. 

I stumbled across this chef by accident really, I've been reading a lot about Massimo Bottura. He is widely regarded as the best chef in the world. 

One really interesting fact I learned, is that one of the first things you see inside the door of Massimo Bottura’s restaurant, Modena, Italy, is a self-portrait of the artist Joseph Beuys, the inscription at the bottom, in Italian,


“We are the revolution.”

Bottura has been known as a force in a culinary revolution for years now, but not necessarily in a way that ignites sweeping movements. 

He was the first to vaporize cheese into the air, so you could literally breath cheese while you eat your dinner. 

 Bottura’s handwork is of a more private and idiosyncratic strain: 

He cooks food that’s about Italy and family and history and memory and art, yes, but ultimately his eclectic platings and flavor combinations reflect the workings of his own mind.

He would tell everyone that he shares a dish with that every single bite will be different than the last. 

But what struck me as the most interesting thing about Massimo wasn't his eclectic dishes or his pronounced scenery, it was the opinion of what every single person who had met him shared. 

They all had different opinions on his dishes and his atmosphere, but somehow they all agreed, it was the way he treated them that they fell in love with. 

Massimo is widely regarded as the best chef in the world, not only for his creativity but because of how kind and kindred he is toward every single person he meets. 

And I realized what made him the best chef in the world, nobody gave a shit what he knew. Not a single person returned in hopes of an awe inspiring dish ( ok this is a bit of a lie ) 
A simple lesson I learned from one of the best chefs in the world, that can definitely be carried over to the gym, no one cares at all what you know if you don't show them that you genuinely care first. 

Patrick Ciera

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